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• Why pan card?
• Pan card is required for individual as an identity proof and government needs to trace the transactions and try to control tax evasion. it is possible if transaction of every individual person happen through
• What is pan card? importance of pan card?
• Pan card i.e. permanent account number a ten digit number is provided by income tax department to every income tax payer. but do you know that pan card is compulsory and required by following authorities while doing financial transactions with them.

1. While opening a new bank account
2. While applying for credit card or debit card
3. For insurance payments
4. Purchase or selling of property or vehicle
5. Jewelry purchase
6. Fixed cash deposits or above cash deposit levels
7. Opening account at broker to make pan card it is mandatory to have aadhar card and only aadhar is sufficient along with application and photographs.

In case if you are looking to make pan through pan card agents in bangalore and your requiredment is one among the below list?
 New pan card
 Changes in pan card/correction in pan card
 Date of bith correction in pan card
 Name correction in pan card
 Father name correction in pan card
 Lost pan card
 Damaged pan card
 Reissue of pan card
 Duplicate pan card
 Minor pan card

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Pan Card