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Planning for an abroad visit requires "Passport" the most important document. The process for getting a passport consumes months together even on regular follow up. Our utmost priority is to provide services at your comfort.

Looking for a Passport in India? We have a team of reliable passport agent's who are expert and experienced in passport related matters. Our passport service is completely hassle free.

We add value to your money and time. We take the responsibility to obtain your passport without fading your time and efforts.

Type of Passport:

Fresh :
You can apply for fresh passport if applying for the first time. We have passport professionals to help you submit your documents at the precise time. Our passport agency will help you to get a new passport.

You can apply for re-issue of passport of an existing passport for any of the following reasons:
Change in existing personal details.
Expiration of validity within 3 years / Due to expire.
Expiration of validity more than 3 years ago.
Exhaustion of pages.
Damaged passport in any form.
Lost/Misplaced passport.

Normal Passport is a procedure to apply for any type of passport which would approximately take 10-20 days completing the entire process

Tatkal Passport is a procedure to apply for any type of passport where the processing duration is less than 3 working days.

Lost or Damaged
Passport has been lost or damaged the same can be procured by this process. Passport is considered as damaged, if the passport number is unreadable, name is unreadable, photograph is not clear or it is damaged beyond recognition, mutilated or smudged entries, washed out, torn or apparently visible damage.

Minor or Senior Citizen
Minor/Senior citizens who require a passport, fresh or re-issue, can apply through a quick and simpler process.

NRI and ECNR passports
According to Emigration Act 1983, certain types of Indian passport holders entail to attain "Emigration Clearance" from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE) for going to certain countries.
Indian passports are divided into two categories as follows:

  1. 1. Passports with endorsement - Emigration Check Required (ECR).
  2. 2. Passports with endorsement - Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR).

The idea behind ECR is for the safety of Indian citizens due to the legal conditions of other countries and is based on various situations/conditions.

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Which type of visa you will need and the requirements to apply for that visa will depend largely on your purpose of travel, such as Tourism, Business, Study or Work.

Our process is simple and transparent, which gives apprehension free life to our clients. Our visa service is user friendly and transparent. We make sure our database is frequently updated with clear instructions and requirements of the diplomatic missions.

With the changes increasing in immigration policies and visa rules, our customers can be assured that we provide constant quality support while rendering our services.

Our expert counselors are geared with years of practice, hence providing complete guidance for the immigration and visa needs. Immigration is a decision which has the capacity to change a person's entire life completely. At MMS, we have accomplished immense client satisfaction by providing our services to different genres of immigrants. This has helped us to progress further and widen our range of services.

There are constant changes in the immigration policies and visa rules. With our expert counselors having years of practice assuring to provide complete support while rendering the services in obtaining the Visa.

As a part of our Visa service we handle:

Checking and validating the application form
Checklist of important information
Biometrics Check
Document validation
Mock Interview
Submission of Document and Visa issuance

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Marriage Certificate

Marriage registration is an important task connecting to a wedding. It may be done by the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act done by couples getting married irrespective of their religions. A marriage certificate is required to assist with any official work relating to the marriage.

In India, depending on whether you are a Hindu or belonging to any other religion, you have to register under the Special Marriage Act or the Hindu Marriage Act. There aren't many differences between the two forms, however, it takes a longer time to process a marriage under the Special Registration Act. Then, if one of the marrying partners belongs to a religion other than Hindu Religion, the couple has to register under the Special Marriage Act.

Handling the marriage process through offline is quite time-consuming. If registered, marriage by the Hindu Marriage Act, the couple getting married have to register under the sub-registrar, where the marriage was solemnized or either of them has been living for at least 6 months.

You can also handle the entire registration through us. It saves time and effort of travelling, which is especially helpful if you are working far from home.

What are you waiting for? Register your marriage now!

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Birth Certificate

We have a team of birth certificate agents/consultants who provides assistance for birth certificate related requirement. Process for birth certificate through us is door step and hassle free.

In India, it is compulsory according to law (as per the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969) to register every birth/still birth with the concerned State/UT Government within 21 days of its occurrence. The birth certificate is a very important document which serves various purposes throughout life. This is the important document which proves your age.

We provide seamless end to end support for Birth Certificate to the customers, right from accurate documentation, Birth Certificate application, tracking the Birth Certificate status and updating the customers proactively about the progress. We have a vast experience of getting the things done correctly and efficiently.

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Driving License

While driving your motor vehicle on road, it is very important that you comply with the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It is important for an individual to have a driving license.

Driving license legally allows a person to drive his motor vehicle on Indian roads. Applicants applying for a driving license have to follow certain procedures that help them to obtain a Driving License. If you live in Bangalore and are looking to apply for a Driving License or avail any other service relate to it, then here's a comprehensive guide that will help you do the same.

We have a team of reliable Driving License consultants who have trusted by many. Driving License service from us hassle free service.

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Aadhar Card

Being a resident of India, an Aadhar card is one of the essential proofs of identity that one must hold for various government benefits. It is a 12 digit identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India.

With this Aadhar card, a service provider can authenticate identity of residents electronically. It becomes one of your utmost responsibilities to make sure of everyone in your family is holding an Aadhar card.

We have gained years of experience and excels at offering Aadhaar services to Citizens of India making it simple and quick. We have successfully enrolled huge citizens under scheme.

Our Aadhaar services include fresh/new enrollment, uploading details, Correction/Updating etc. We are here to help you in making the process easy and smooth through our agents.

We ensure timely delivery, transparency in our premier services and 100% customer satisfaction. In order to deliver a quality service, our team of professionals guides you throughout the Aadhar Card making and receiving process by:

Providing you with every small detail related to obtaining your Aadhar Card

Assisting you in correctly filling and submitting the form to appropriate authority

Providing you the details of documents required at the time of enrollment

Keeping you updated on the status of your Aadhar card

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PAN Card

PAN Card is introduced by the Income Tax Department of India. In order to provide easy retrieval of details and matching information relating to an assessor's investment, payment of taxes, assessment, raising of loans, tax demand, tax arrears, etc.

PAN Card is an important document in India, not only for the purpose of filing tax returns, but many of us, use this as a form of identification. Nowadays having a PAN card has become compulsory for most people irrespective of whether they have taxable income or not. In the light of the fact that PAN card has become an important document, We aim to make the process of applying for PAN Card smooth and easy by providing support throughout the process.

We over the years have been entrusted for processing the PAN applications to customers. Our services ensure simple process, quick services at minimum charges. We allow you to apply for new or rectified PAN card and require essential documents which includes photograph and ID proofs.

Want to apply for a New PAN Card?     Why Wait?     Contact Us Immediately...

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Name Change Affidavit

When To Use Affidavit For Name Change?
The reasons for making changes in the name could be numerous, for example, individual inclination, marriage (for women), changes in the religion, alteration or modification of the names as a result of the advice of numerological experts and so on. Making name changes could likewise mean adding a word to the current name, changes in the surname, making changes in spelling, and so forth. Before you finalize on making changes in the names, have an understanding of all the advantages and disadvantages of doing as such.

Types of Affidavits for Name Correction

There are diverse kinds of affidavits. Affidavits could be utilized according to each applicant's purpose:

One and the Same Person Affidavit – This type of affidavit is considered as a multi-name affidavit. The applicant who has diverse names within the documents and need to offer the evidence that each of the names belongs to the same and also one single person, all things considered the same and the single individual affidavit could be made use of and given.

Name Change Affidavit – This affidavit is made use of to legally make changes in the name in each document and furthermore for publishing the notification in the Gazette of India.

Name Change after Marriage – This affidavit could be made use of by the woman applicant looking for making changes in their last name after marriage and then getting the same published in other types of documents.

Whatever be your requirements, our name change affidavit services can assist you.

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News Paper Ads

Book your Classified or Display advertisement through us. We are serving to publish ads in newspapers. As an our advertising service company, we have served many clients for their newspaper advertisement needs. Over the period of time our association has developed largely and has been recognized as a foremost service provider in the field of Newspaper advertising.

Leveraging our skills and expertise we have been the top advertising agency working relentlessly towards effective traditional media advertising with cost effective solutions. Our systematic platform is designed to help customers in serving every category and release their choice of advertisements. Our advertising agency gives a boost to your business with effective promotion on newspapers. We adopt innovative techniques to enhance your business opportunity.

We are a leading advertising agency serving customers from Bangalore with lowest cost and effective media planning for all Karnataka Newspapers.

How to advertise in Newspapers:

Now choose the newspaper according to your requirement. You can select newspaper by circulation or by language.

Now you have to decide your budget accordingly, you have to fix the advertisement size by multiplying with the sq. cm. rate mentioned.

Now plan your advertisement schedule

When you decide the size prepare a draft for your advertisement and send us the content in any format along with your selected newspaper for Karnataka, edition and scheduled date to avail lowest cost along with discount which we offer to our customers.

Once you confirm the quote received from us for selected newspaper, we would send you an invoice with all available payment options.

And finally, after the payment got received our designer team would start designing your advertisement according to your requirements and it will get published on the date chosen in selected newspaper.

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Notary Services

Notary services are used to verify, authenticate, certify or attest the execution of any instrument. Instrument with regard to the particular aspect, the Notaries act refer to documents through which any right or liability is or purports to be, created, transferred, modified, limited, extended, suspended, extinguished or recorded. Notary approves a document by assuring him/herself as to the identity of the person who has signed the document, approves a document, meaning he/she certifies that the document is a real copy of the original and attests meaning, he/she bears witness.

A large number of people come to Bangalore from neighboring states, villages, towns and districts in search of job or to make living. Most of the people migrated find it difficult to get documentation done for rental agreement and others.

We have started notary services to provide hassle free service at minimum charge for all types of agreements. Our services include confidential agreements, affidavit for general and PF withdrawal, formation of partnership, proprietorship, general power of attorney and others.

Civil law and criminal law have express provisions whereby any affidavit verified by a Notary is admissible as evidence in a Court of Law. Hence, its common for many legal and business documents to be Notarized. Notary is appointed by the Central and State Government under the Notaries act 1952.

Common Types of Documents Notarized

Company Registration

During incorporation of a Company in India, certain affidavits and declarations must be provided by the Directors which are notarized.

Rental/Lease Agreement

Rental Agreements for a period of less than one year are sometimes notarized to make it admissible as evidence in court of law.

Validating Copies

Sometimes copies of original documents have to be submitted along with a few applications. In such cases, notary is used to validate the original document.

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